I loves to dance and because I love the way ballet dancers dance . Miss Flori and Miss Gail help to teach me how to dance like a real ballerina.


I have been sending my eldest daughter, Chloe to Gail for 7 years, since she was 3 years old. Chloe loves going every Sunday, she always comes out of the classes with a huge smile on her face. Gail laughs with the girls and is also a friend to them all. Gail’s teaching leaves no…

Aoibhinn Stewart

I love doing spinning. I love pointing my foot to the air. My teacher is Miss Flori she is so pretty and I love dancing to Anna and Elsa song. It’s so much fun.

Rebecca and Zara

Gail is a really good dance teacher and she makes us all feel included. We have lots of fun in class!. X


I just love going to dancing because I have made lots of good friends and like learning lots of different dance moves. The teacher always makes great dances for us to learn and I love showing them to my family in the show!I like dance class because it’s fun and creative. Every move is your…


I like dance class because it’s fun and creative. Every move is your imagination.

Katy & Chloe

Katy: I love dancing class and the costumes for the show too Chloe: I always have so much fun in class. Gail is super nice and caring too. It’s Cool.


Miss Gail is so kind & she makes all the dances fun. I enjoy the shows & costumes. It’s great to get dressed up & dance in front of an audience.

Emily Taylor
Junior Ballet and Tap

I absolutely love Gail’s classes. My favourite is Ballet and I love to see my friends and learn new dances. Gail is the best teacher.

Craig Taylor
Dad of Student

I have nothing but positive things to say about Gail and her dance classes and helpful team. The classes themselves are great, Emily loves them, and the live stage shows are simply spectacularly put together. Cannot Recommend Highly enough.