We Follow the BATD Graded Ballet Syllabus

From our fun and imaginative pre-school class to Senior class , we have classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Pre-school Ballet:  Children can start ballet classes from 2 ½ years old.  The classes are fun for both boys and girls, even if they do not intend to take up dance classes when they start school.

Junior Ballet:  From Primary 1, children learn ballet basics with a continued emphasis on fun, imagination and expression. They progress through the BATD graded syllabus and develop their understanding of ballet technique with an emphasis on expression and enjoyment.

Intermediate/Senior  Ballet:  Students continue to develop their ballet technique and vocabulary. As the Grades progress the emphasis is on dance quality and musicality, creating confident performers.

Tap Classes

Tap dancing is still a popular dance style for all ages and abilities. Beneficial for all ages, tap improves coordination, strength and memory as well as increasing cardiovascular fitness. Adult tap classes are available, offering an enjoyable and rhythmical way to keep fit.

Tap dancing helps develop coordination, counting, rhythm and balance. In preschool and Junior classes, basic moves are introduced, games are used to understand rhythm, tempo and help coordination. Intermediate/Senior classes progress with trickier, stronger and quicker steps. The quality of steps should complement the music and taps are used as percussion instruments, whilst the dancer performs with grace.

All students are encouraged to sit their Graded medal test with the BATD.


A unique dance style which develops great flexibility and strength to achieve balances, lifts, bends and splits.  It also incorporates dance moves and is an energetic and fun form of exercise for boys and girls of all ages.

Tricks, kicks, splits…

‘Acro’ combines dance moves and acrobatic movements known as tricks. The tricks become progressively more difficult and complex as the dancers develop their flexibility, strength… and bravery!  The dance movements in acro include ballet, jazz and modern dance styles, making it a useful addition to a young dancers training.


 Every class begins with a fast and fun warm-up to develop rhythm, coordination and body awareness, and to introduce basic dance steps. The warm-up is followed by a section of stretching exercises to improve flexibility and posture.

Time is spent learning and improving dance steps and new moves, following the BATDs Graded syllabus.  Each class prepares a routine for our annual dance display, which may be any commercial style from rock’n’roll, hip-hop, contemporary, musical theatre or pop.

Jazz dance is a great way to exercise and have fun with dance.